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October 6, 2022

Why I DON’T Delete Posts of Exes from Social Media

By Maggie F.
, 11th grade
, from San Diego, California

Of all the changes that happen after a breakup (do still talk? hang out? text?) the one that bothers me the most is deleting posts of your ex from social media.

Most people routinely delete old posts, but I decided to keep the posts up, not because I’m obsessed with my ex, but because it’s a part of my life that I don’t necessarily want to erase. The fact is, everything in those posts really happened. We really did feel that way at the time. We really did have those experiences. And just because our relationship status changed, that doesn’t mean I want to pretend that part of my life didn’t happen. Just erased. Gone.

A lot of people think it’s weird. They say that future boyfriends won’t like seeing these and I get that, but I also think these posts were originally for me, and they still are. In some ways, I document my life with my posts, like a journal I can keep forever. Most people use social media to document their lives for other people, but I feel like it can be both. I like to see the different periods of my life, how I’ve changed or stayed the same, and where I am now.

So I’m not going back and changing history by deleting posts. What’s up, stays up. And I’ll keep chronicling my life the way I want, because it’s my story, and only mine, and I get to choose how I tell it.

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