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November 28, 2022

Balance is Key

By Jonathan S.
, 11th grade
, from Memphis, Tennessee

Last night, it was midnight and I was dead tired. I’d just gotten home from practice and had a couple hours of homework and a fellowship assignment to do. And that was a normal night.

But looking back, that shouldn’t be anormal night. I was sleep deprived and was missing out on doing other things I enjoyed, like watching movies or hanging out with friends. I’d been working so hard that I hadn’t realized how detrimental not doing other things was to my life. After more contemplation, I noticed I wasn’t as happy as I used to be, when I had time to prioritize myself.

So while it’s great to load up your schedule, know that having some balance is key. Now I’m obviously not going to drop everything, but I definitely want to see how I can spend my time in healthier ways.

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