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January 21, 2023

Get Involved and Make a
Change: Ideas for Taking
Action in Your Community

By James H.
, from Orlando, FL

Taking action in your community is an important way to ensure that your voice and beliefs are
heard. Gen Z has the power to make a real difference in their local communities, regardless of
age. To help you make your mark, Talk With Zach offers up six ways you can take action in your
community and make a difference for the causes you believe in.

Choose What to Champion
The first step to making a difference in your community is identifying the causes you want to
To do this, explore issues that are important to you, such as education reform,
environmental protection, or racial justice. For example, if climate change is something you care
about deeply, look into local organizations or initiatives that advocate for reducing emissions
and protecting natural resources. You may also be able to find specific programs or parks that
need volunteers or donations from people like you who want to get involved.

Give Time and Money
Once you’ve identified the cause or causes you’d like to champion, it’s time to put that
knowledge into action by donating both time and money. Donating time can be as simple as
volunteering at a local organization dedicated to the cause, such as helping with park cleanups
or joining a rally advocating for certain legislative changes. Donating money can be done
through online fundraising campaigns set up by nonprofit organizations supporting the cause.
Every little bit helps — even $5 to $10 can make a huge difference.

Boost Awareness
Social media is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to raising awareness about issues
impacting your community. Use platforms like Instagram and Twitter (or whichever platform best
fits your message
) to share stories of those who need help and highlight organizations working
hard on behalf of causes near and dear to you. Take it one step further by creating hashtag
campaigns so others can join in, too.

Mobilize Your Friends and Family

Join forces with friends and family members who have similar interests and passions when it
comes to taking action on social issues impacting your community. Together, brainstorm ideas
for new initiatives or strategies for getting involved. Whether that means starting an after-school
program or participating in a local protest march together. Having more people coordinated
around a common goal can create a greater impact than trying to go it alone.

Connect With Community Leaders
It’s important not only to take action yourself but also to connect with leaders already doing
great work within your community. Many ways of reaching out exist, like attending city council
meetings, connecting with elected officials on social media, and following influential activists on
Twitter — just start engaging with thought leaders and decision-makers within your own city in
order to help shape conversations surrounding important social issues impacting us all daily.

Be Your Own Force for Change
Going to school is an empowering and transformative experience that can be a force for positive
change. By gaining new skills, knowledge, and perspectives, you can set yourself on a path
toward personal growth and development, as well as become a positive influence in your local
community and beyond. Whether it’s to become an educator, an engineer, a librarian, or a
social worker, pursuing your education will open up opportunities for career advancement,
provide you with the tools to tackle challenging problems, and give you the confidence to step
out of your comfort zone to make an impact. Ready to learn more? Check this out if getting a
degree speaks to you.

Taking action in our communities for the causes we believe in is one of the most powerful ways
to create tangible change and make a difference. We can all make a valuable contribution, no
matter how big or small. All it takes is being inspired, having access to the right resources, and
taking that first step toward making an impact. So take a deep breath, get organized, and start
taking action today to bring about positive change in your community.

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