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November 22, 2023

Let’s Normalize Imperfect Holidays!

If you think everyone else is having a perfect Thanksgiving, check out what other teens in our community had to say:

“Sophomore year, my college boyfriend and I went home to our own cities for Thanksgiving. Everything seemed normal. He said “I love you and I’ll miss you so much” before we left campus. I texted him on Thanksgiving asking how his day was going, and out of the blue, he texted back that he wanted to break up. I was literally sitting at the table eating turkey when this happened. Then he ghosted me for the rest of the break. I cried the whole holiday but now I can laugh about it—what kind of person texts this in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, with no warning? This year, I’m going to my new boyfriend’s house to meet his parents.”

“My parents were getting divorced, and since it was my last Thanksgiving before going away to college, they decided we would still do the holidays together so my siblings and I would have this time together and “have nice memories.” The only memory I have is of my parents making passive-aggressive comments at each other the entire meal. I’m in college now, and I’m going to my friend’s family for Thanksgiving!”

“Whenever my mom complained about how much work went into making Thanksgiving dinner, my dad kind of dismissed it and even said he’d make the meal himself. ‘How hard could it be?’ he said. Finally, my mom said, ‘Fine, you do it.’ Needless to say, he completely burned the turkey and we had to eat hot dogs instead. Now he really appreciates my mom’s hard work for the holiday and thanks her the entire week.”

“My parents got me a plane ticket to come home for Thanksgiving, and it’s always a hassle because there are no direct flights from the school I’m at. My flight kept getting delayed, and then there was some mechanical problem and after hours of working on it, they said they were getting another plane. After about 12 hours of this and sleeping in the airport, we finally get a plane out, but then I can’t get a flight from the connecting airport home because they’re all booked. I spent Thanksgiving in the airport, missed the entire holiday, and by the time I got home the next day, there weren’t even any leftovers because my brother had fed them to our dog.”

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